Hi there!

My name is Milada and I’m the creator of Hippo stickers pack for WhatsApp and Signal and some Hippo paintings.

hippo stickes whatsapp hippo painting

Now I’m working on my first game!

Illustrated, colorful, casual indie game about the Hippo catching Fruits.

hippo game

What I’d like the game (hopefully & ideally) to be like

  • simple gameplay with a unique illustrated look
  • enjoyed by people of all ages
  • funny & positive
  • poetic stylized 2D design, that will leave space for your imagination
  • beginning calmly, ending in crazy color blast!
  • 100 levels, probably divided into 10 “chapters”, 10 levels each
  • about 40 fruits of various colours (or as much as I am able to find and draw :-D)
  • available on Android, and then I’ll see what’s next…

Tools I’m using:

Godot game engine, Gimp, MyPaint, Inkscape, Krita & my old Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet :-)

If you’d like to support me

please sign up to my newsletter & check out the support page! ❤

Contact me


or Twitter DM @miladamilli