Although I’ve been very creative since my childhood (drawing comic books and illustrating my book journal), I seriously started to paint only around 2013. At that time I bought a small canvas and a set of acrylic paints to create a painting as a present for my father. After that, I created several more paintings and before I knew it I couldn’t imagine my life without art.

My works are inspired by nature, landscapes, feelings, stories, questions, mystery, beauty of “ordinary” subjects and their essence. Animals with souls, magic naivism. Dark and vibrant at the same time. I seek simplicity, harmony, I believe in the importance of details and I love imperfections – unique and unreproducible – created by a human hand. To me, in each brush stroke, there is captured the exact moment in time and space when the painting was coming into its existence.


2014, 2017, 2018 - Salon výtvarníků (Salon of artists), Praha 8


My drawing and painting naturally started to influence my sewing and textile designing hobby. That’s how I’ve learned about thread painting aka free motion embroidery on a sewing machine. This technique can be described as “drawing with thread” or compared to drawing with coloured pencils. Using thread painting I create embroideries on skirts, bags and cushions. Occasionally I create also larger embroidered works – embroidered “paintings” on cotton art canvas.

More about thread painting on my blog (Czech language).


Besides art, I’ve always been fascinated by computers (and technics) as well. In 2019 I’ve started to learn programming in Elixir programming language. I wanted to learn something completely new, something my brain never knew before, to once again experience that magical feeling of discovering a whole new world that I felt as a kid when I was learning to read.

Soon I found out that I can use programming to create graphics – and to enjoy both my “technical” and “artistic” side and the same time. I’ve started to experiment with generative art.

Then in 2021 I’ve (accidentally ;-)) started learning Godot Engine and now I’m working on creating my first game. So, again, I’m learning something new: workflow of game development and a new programming language (object-oriented one this time) – GDScript. And when creating game graphics and illustrations, I even get to enjoy designing and drawing.

Milli looking at stars

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