About Me


Although I’ve been very creative since my childhood (drawing comic books and illustrating my book journal), I’ve seriously started to paint only around 2013. At that time I bought a small canvas and a set of acrylics paints, because I wanted to create a painting as a present for my father.
After that I’ve created several more paintings and before I knew it I couldn’t imagine my life without art.

Some of my works are inspired by nature, landscape, life and the world around me. I try to capture colours of the nature, feelings, to study the beauty of „ordinary“ subjects, to capture their essence.

Other works are pure imagination. Subjects are: mystery, searching, happiness, magic world…

My works are communication with my inner self, as well as an attempt to communicate with the world.
Experimenting and an eternal search for harmony.


My drawing and painting naturally started to influence my sewing and textile designing hobby. That’s how I’ve learned about a „thread painting“ technique („free motion embroidery on sewing machine“). Using this technique I create embroideries on skirts, bags, cushions, and I also embroider „paintings“ on cotton art canvas.